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Is It Impossible To Be Honest About Tupac?

Funkmaster Flex has never been a guy to bite his tongue.  He gives his opinion, solicited or not, on just about every hot button topic issue in hip hop.  He’s had very public beefs with the biggest names in the biz, from Jay Z to Drake, and is still around, whereas most other personalities would be “ethered” by now.

But thusweek he met his match.  You can talk about HOV, you can talk about the 6 GOD- but there are two deities no one has ever spoken ill of and come out ahead- Jesus and Tupac.

Flex didn’t call out Jesus.

In an Instagram Live post this week, Flex talked about that infamous night when Tupac was allegedly shot at Quad studios in New York.  For years the prevailing theory was that armed gunmen robbed ‘Pac, shot him, and  beat him up.  But all of this time, there was an Officer who investigated the whole thing that said the official police theory is that ‘Pac shot himself while trying to get his gun out of his waistband.

Flex used the term “Cheddar-Bobbed”.  Hillarious.  But not a huge hit with social media.

You see, you simply are not allowed to talk about ‘Pac.  You can talk about Biggie to an extent.  You can outright bash Hov or Nas.  But if you speak ill of ‘Pac, there will be repercussions.

Even if what you say is the truth.

How did we get to this point?  It seems to me that we have a very revisionist history of Tupac Amaru Shakur.  When Tupac passed I was on my way to the University of Toledo to enroll in classes.  That made me about 19-20 years old.  This means that I was firmly, firmly entrenched in hip hop culture.  I was a hip hop head.

When he died, there was a hung jury on ‘Pac.  The streets loved him, admittedly.  But staunch hip hop heads were not all that sold on him.  So called “woke” people at the time were coming around on Pac after he got out of jail- but it was a slow process.  This guy was, after all, on Death Row. Many  blamed him for the entire East Coast/West Coast beef.  I don’t know that many people had them in their hip hop top 5.  He was a star, and an enigma of sorts, but I don’t think the majority of hip hop heads thought of ‘Pac the way we do 20 years later.

The assumption was that ‘Pac was just months away from releasing music that would change everything.  ‘Pac was going to unite the coasts.  He was going to forego the Outlaw Thug mentality and become a neo-black panther on wax.  He was going to start a revolution through music that would change the nation. He was going to turn water into wine and rise from the dead after three days to save our souls.

See that’s why you can’t talk about ‘Pac and Jesus.

Would this have all come to fruition?  It could have.  But ‘Pac had a penchant for getting himself into just as much trouble as he got out of.  You want to say that he had matured and learned his lessons in life, but a wise man once told me that “leopards don’t change their spots.”  There’s a good chance that ‘Pac would’ve ended up digging himself deeper into trouble before he got out of it.  There’s also a chance that the political system and “powers that be” would’ve worked hard to keep him down and he could’ve faced obstacles that ruined his reputation and kept him under the guise of criminal to the media.

We’ll never know what would have happened with his legacy had he lived longer.

What we do know is that the assumption is now reality.  No one ever talks about the negative what-ifs with ‘Pac, and I don’t mind that.  The myth of ‘Pac is inspiring, and if that is positive to future generations I’m all about it.  But the thing we have to be careful with is ignoring truths.

Tupac and Jesus.  I am a Christian and I love Jesus, but we all know that there are some holes in his story as well.  There are things that are overlooked.  There are some details that seem inconsequential that can paint a very different picture of his life and ministry if you choose to believe in them.  And yet, millions of Christians world wide, including myself, pick and choose what they believe to consequential and proceed with their faith.

Funkmaster Flex presented a FACT, or at least as close to a fact as you can get, that was confirmed by the police.  Now I’m sure conspiracy theorists will tell you the cop is lying and that this is an Illuminati plot designed to tarnish the legacy of ‘Pac.  But it’s not hard to believe.  It actually makes much more sense than the story ‘Pac told of that night.

So if that’s the case why are we beating up Flex.  Part of it has to do with the fact that people just don’t like Flex.  More of it has to do with the fact that you aren’t allowed to talk about ‘Pac.

I don’t know how many people pray to ‘Pac at night.  I don’t know if he holds the key to eternal life.  I don’t know if he is in the “Thug Mansion” waiting to pour me a Thug Passion when I get there.

But I do know that if you blaspheme against ‘Pac, whether fact based or not, you are going to hear about it!

My guess is that if Flex said something about Jesus on IG no one would have heard it.  But bruh- you bet not talk about ‘Pac.

I wonder if heaven has a Twitter?

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