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May The Fourth Be Hip Hop: What Rappers Resemble Your Favorite Star Wars Characters?

Written By Shugabooga

Geeks everywhere- REJOICE, for your holiest of holy days has arrived!  Funny how a little pun has turned into a legit holiday.  Never mind that Cinco De Mayo is just a day away, a day marked by two things more powerful than the Force: Taco’s and Tequila.  May the Fourth is a day when nerds feel cool and every social media timeline is flooded with pics of that “one time we went to Comic Con and dressed like Storm Troopers”, if Storm Troopers had to purchase their uniforms from Dollar General.

With that said- this is a COOL ASS HIP-HOP BLOG!  Not a nerd blog.  Not a Sci Fi Blog!  WE ARE FOR THE STREETS!!!!

Who am I kidding- I’m a nerd too!  But I like to tie the two worlds together.  So let’s journey into another one of our “What Rapper Is Most Like” articles, but let’s make it about Star Wars.

Rapper Most Like Darth Vader: 50 Cent

Yes, Curtis has a big smile and a soft side.  But he also likes to start stuff with people.  If Suge Knight could rap, he’d be a perfect fit- especially with his penchant for choking people (allegedly).  But 50 Cent is the next bad guy.  And just like Darth in “Return of the Jedi”, his powers are being marginalized by newer, fresher talent. He’s the ultimate villain, but his time is up!

Rapper Most Like Luke Skywalker:  Kendrick Lamar

Too Easy Right?

This guy is the absolute most powerful FORCE in hip hop- and he’s laying waste to the competition by using the old school magic. When everyone else in the Universe turned evil, Luke hung old with the oldest heads in the galaxy and mastered what they had done for generations.  That’s Kendrick.  New School Warrior- Old School Skills.

Rapper Most Like Han Solo: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg could easily be Lando Calrisean as well- because he’s as close to Billy D as any guy in hip hop has ever been. But Snoop has that cool demeanor, like nothing ever gets to him.  Plus he goes where the money is.  From Death Row to No Limit to StarTrax to whoever he’s with now, he’s a bounty hunter that just wants that bag.  Can’t be mad at him for that!

Rapper Most Like Chewbacca:  Desiigner

(Photo above)

Tall.  Mysterious.  No one knows what the hell he’s saying.  Makes weird noises.  Sounds a lot like Desiigner.  I personally love his music- but if I had the choice of my GPS having a Chewbacca Voice or a Desiigner Voice I’m not sure which one I’d choose?

Rapper Most Like Yoda:  DJ Khaled

I know Khaled doesn’t rap, but who else fits this role better?  He’s been around for ever.  He inspires you even if he’s talking in riddles.  He makes everyone around him better.  And he doesn’t look dangerous, but you know at any given moment he will kick your ass.  Just don’t try putting him in a back pack and carrying him around.

Rapper Most Like Jar Jar Binks-  Lil Yachty

C’mon man, you know that’s Yachty.  I hate to say it, but Jar Jar was wildly criticized for acting out very “Step N’ Fetch It” era stereotypes.  Joe Budden nailed him to the wall this week, and Yachty’s response was a very Jar-Jar esque “Chill bro!”.  Aloof.  It’s a great quality to have, just not sure you want to carry it into battle!

Rappers Most Like The Ewoks: Migos

Yup.  They look soft and cuddly.  They don’t sound intimidating.  And yet they are a force.  Plus the Ewoks through the livest party!  And in the T Shirt Video they are wearing very Ewok like animal pelts.  Great fit for the casting department!

Rapper Most Like Princess Leia:  Rapsody

A surprise choice here, but she
makes sense.  Over at JamRoc, she is the head person in charge outside of 9th.  The guys are intimidated by her intelligence and wit, and she is not waiting around to be anointed queen. It’s her world and all of these guys are just living in it!

Obviously this doesn’t mentions some of the new movies- what rapper/character combos do you want to point out?  Any obvious misses?

Let’s talk about it tonight on an all new Bubble N’ Blow Radio from 8-9p EST at







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