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Your Favorite Track’s Producer Has Homeroom In The Morning! Say Hello To DrumGod


Written By Shugabooga

When I was 13 years old I was IN LOVE with hip hop music.  I would listen to it when I walked to school.  I would listen on the way home.  That’s around the time I started filling notebooks with rhymes and freestyling on the bus as we rode to games for school sports.  I would luck out and rap on commercials during the video announcements at school.  Every now and then I’d get to perform at school or during music class or something.

I thought I was famous.

Compare that to 14 year old Producer savant DrumGod.  His fame has spread quite a bit further than the walls of his school.  He’s already got production credits for rappers like Ripp Flames, Rich The Kid, Doe Boy and Cool Amerika among others.  Jose Guapo’s New Single “Big Ole Facts” is terrorizing the clubs and FM airwaves, and that’s courtesy of a crazy DrumGod produced track.  So while other kids are running home to get on X Box Live, DrumGod is running to the studio to continue cementing his legacy.

It won’t be long until the “13 year old” gets removed and it’s just “incredible producer” DrumGod!

For now, the young phenom is learning how to work with adults in the studio that are the same age as his teachers in school.  Is that a tough assignment?

“For people I don’t know yeah”.

But DrumGod is quick to point out it’s not quite as challenging when it comes to those he’s familiar with!

“For people I don’t know it’s kinda easy cause if it’s garbage I’m gonna tell you it’s garbage and if it’s nice I’m gonna tell you it’s nice.”

Rapper Bizness was quick to agree.  He’s been working with DrumGod on his own project, and at almost twice his age, he’s quick to point out that he appreciates the producer’s honesty!

“At the end of the day he’s gonna give you that honest opinion and he ain’t gonna cut no corners with it!”

And the result is great music!

DrumGod sounds like an industry vet when you ask him for the advice he would give to other kids in his position:  Never let anyone else tell you your limitations!

“Don’t give up or let nobody stop you.  Don’t let nobody cut you down or tell you you can’t make it because of your age”

Wisdom comes with a production career that spans roughly half of your life.  And since DrumGod started producing at age 6- that’s exactly his story!

His phone is constantly buzzing and as he puts it, “I can’t get to everybody, but I do what I can!”.

He has done enough to put together his first mixtape which will come out this Summer.  It took a minute- his phone did always ring like it does now!

“I got my project ‘Young And Boomin’ comin’ out this Summer. I had this idea for a minute but I really didn’t have enough people, like I wasn’t that popular. But now it’s the time.  It’s right!”

The rap game, much like middle school, can be fickle.  But it’s his time.  And with hits all over the clubs and streets, you have to think it will be his time for years to come!

Check out DrumGod on IG: @iamdrumgod

To listen to the entire interview check out the Big Heff Show:









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