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9th Wonder Broke The Internet With His LOTUG/Lost Boyz Playlist. Who Is On Your 9th Wishlist?

Written By Shugabooga

So 9th wonder released some hidden gems yesterday and the internet is broken!  His tracks with Mr. Cheeks have the vet sounding better than ever, and there is absolute fire on the list with The Lords.  The link to the list is attached below- it is a MUST LISTEN!

Allegedly there is a Redman list on it’s way which has to be incredible.  But it made me “wonder” pun intended… Who else would you like to hear 9th collab with?

The most common answer we received was Little Brother and Phontae- and I think we all share that sentiment.  But who else moves the meter for 9th fans.

For me personally, I’d like to see him collaborate with N.O.R.E.  Rumor has it that he’ll be appearing on an episode of “Drinking Champs” soon, what better time to make it happen!  I love N.O.R.E. on “Sometimes”, why not have a whole project with a more soulful feel?

Chris Robinson chimed in with Black Thought from The Roots: 9th is soulful and sample heavy and that soul to me eliminates a lot of today’s artists. So to me Black Thought of the Roots- I think they could make magic. Classic boom bap hip hop!

Soopa Engine Eer Myke says Andre 3000 would join a long list of legends who’ve worked with 9th:  Andre is one of the greatest, and 9th has made a name for himself with some of the greats; from Jay Z, Nas,  and now Kendrick (yes I said Kendrick). So its only right to hear something with them on it!

San Goodee wants to see him back with Esco:  Nas- He needs a backpack soul joint since Your Old Droog came out!

All we know is that this playlist is dope and it features our fellow BubbleHed Lord Jazz and the crew, as well as friend of the Bubble Mr. Cheeks!!!  Check it out here:










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