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Eman Jones Releases “Money” Video Exclusively At

Written by Shugabooga

Dayton’s Eman Jones is Ohio’s next big thing.

When Dawn Montgomery from Razdabar Studios in Dayton told me to check out Eman Jones, I already knew what I was going to hear. He was a student of my mentor Moe Beatz. He had a co-sign from my friend and Core DJ’s legend DJ Skno. It was a given that I would be a fan.

What I didn’t know was that I was being introduced to my favorite type of artist. Here was a kid who could spit like Lupe Fiasco on his track “Cool Kids” and then turn around and hit a Ray Jr. Cadence on his new single “Money”. He can truly do it all.

I was honored to introduce his performance at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards in Cleveland recently. I’m even more honored to bring you the World Premier of “MONEY” by Eman Jones.

Sponsored by Campana’s Authentic Soups N’ Sauces and Wasted Brand Clothing


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